The cost of delivery.

Our company specializing in complex traffic. We work with companies and trading companies as well as private individuals.

All fares are informative value, are used to determine the order costs.

Final costs depend on a variety of conditions, such as:


- The presence of large objects and things requiring special conditions of transportation


- The country of origin and the country of destination;

- Removal of items of adoption and putting things on customs terminals;

- The complexity of customs clearance (customs. Clearance) due to lack of or the    availability of benefits, the number of items for selection HS codes, etc .;

- Adaptation of house infrastructure for loading and unloading of items, etc.


Moving Consultation                                                                                for free

Advice on customs clearance                                                                 for free

International transportation of goods a separate vehicle                         from EUR 1200 / AM

Customs clearance of personal belongings                                            from EUR 300

Services of loaders                                                                                  from EUR 40 / hour

The cost of the package                                                                          from EUR 100


* The cost of transportation of cargo, customs clearance, packing and loading services provided only subject to the availability of all necessary documents, the exact address and send it to us - the inventory or packing list.

* Do not be a public offer

How to fill the packaging?

No need to paint the model objects in detail, is sufficient to indicate a group of things: clothes s / h, utensils s / h, souvenirs s / h, cookware / used, etc. and to indicate their weight.

Household appliances and furniture should be called individually for furniture should be called the material (wood, metal, etc.).

Art objects (including with permission to export) - you need to specify the name, author, year of creation, attach a photo.

It allowed the export of books are not older than 50 years. At the request of the customs can be given a list of exported books (title, author, publisher, year of publication).

Weight, number of seats, the price of things, the size of seats required to be filled.

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