Cargo insurance.

Insured shipping can be:

Shipper - all the way from loading to unloading cargo liability lies with the owner.

Principal - all the way from loading to unloading cargo liability lies with the customer.

It may also be divided by insurance:

from the point of loading to a certain point or to the point of overload cargo liability lies with the owner, and from this point to the unloading point - on the customer.

«Autoerosale» transporting your goods and the administration on its own transport network, provides control of safety and security of shipments during the entire journey.

To provide additional guarantees of safety express shipments, we offer the possibility of insuring shipments from all risks of physical loss or damage.

For customer convenience, we offer the possibility of insuring express shipments as in any of our European office, the host of origin, as well as directly at the location of the client.

Administration of securities investments according to the customer can be insured. Supplement to the tariff for sending the insured departure is 0.6% of the sum insured, including VAT.

Administration of securities investments according to the customer can be insured. In order to insure the administration is necessary to fill-statement.

The sum insured should correspond to the actual value of investments.

Insurance amount can not be less than 100 euro.

The maximum sum insured for items:

- Containing commodity investments - 3499 euro

- Containing correspondence - 299 euro

Origin to be insured shall be taken only in the clear.

When applying for insurance with the sum of estimates of over 200 euro individuals must present documents proving the value of the investment.

For legal entities, the presentation of documents confirming the value of the investment is a prerequisite when applying for insurance, regardless of the amount of the assessment.

You can insure the cargo or an important departure for the period from its dispatch to delivery of the two options: either by itself or through our company. The insurance is also valid during storage and handling of cargo. If during the period of insurance cargo or part loses its value, or dies, the real loss is compensated!

Term review of the claim for reimbursement of a month from the date of receipt of the application. Compensation shall be paid on the basis of the results of an official investigation into the allegations.

Calculated the indemnity insurer pays the insured to a specified account within 30 - 40 days after the decision of the insurance claim.

Commercial goods for transportation are accepted only with the presence and design of insurance policy! If a safety amount was not paid, then the premise is compensated at cost, the maximum amount of compensation is 100 EURO




This is necessary in order to protect themselves and others from losses that may occur during transport or handling. Insurance partially or completely offset the losses.

Why do I need insurance cost?

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