Moving to another country - always a difficult step that forces the search for solutions to complex problems of different nature. One such problem - transportation of personal belongings abroad. The company «Autoerosale» will help you to do it quickly, efficiently and at a reasonable cost. For international transportation of personal things? Entrust transportation of things «Autoerosale»!


We offer not only competitive, but also the most convenient to you the terms of cooperation:


- only an individual approach to each client;

- transportation by own transport;

- necessary documentation;

- solution to the issue of customs duties;

- delivery scheme "door to door";

- stevedores services only in Russia and Latvia


Any personal items or sending unaccompanied baggage to / from Russia abroad is always associated with customs clearance. Our experts are ready to take this issue on and send things home with registration of all necessary documents at the customs post without the personal presence of the owner. Customs clearance is carried out on behalf of the owner of the items issued to them on the basis of a notarized power of attorney.






International moving.

Be prepared!

Decide on the scheduled date, how many will be (kg) or (m3).

Make a packing list.

Please contact us for the cost of transportation.

Pack your things for loading into a truck.

Make sure that the payment is made.

Check the quantity and condition of places according to the list.


You must be present at the place of loading / unloading the day of delivery of items. Please make sure that the payment for our services has been made prior to the scheduled delivery date.

How to fill the packaging?

Make a request with the application of available inventory items (packing list)

The need for additional services - packing, loading / unloading

Agreed cost and time. We will based on the primary information will provide full cost of the services, and if you agree explain further action.

Sign the contract and issue a power of attorney.

Prepare things.

Get by email. mail information on the date of arrival and contacts in the destination.

Get the exact date of arrival of things

Prepare a place for the reception of things at the destination.

Get things in order and sign documents on acceptance.

Accept congratulations to the end of the project.


Customs clearance procedures, and imports, exports within the European Union and the Russian Federation are carried out by us!


* Remember that you have all the necessary documents and completed forms correctly, will save you from many problems and save you money. If you have any questions - contact us by phone for advice.

Make it in advance!


Still have questions? We will reply!


No need to paint the model objects in detail, is sufficient to indicate a group of things: clothes s / h, utensils s / h, souvenirs s / h, cookware / used, etc. and to indicate their weight.

Household appliances and furniture should be called individually for furniture should be called the material (wood, metal, etc.).

Art objects (including with permission to export) - you need to specify the name, author, year of creation, attach a photo.

It allowed the export of books are not older than 50 years. At the request of the customs can be given a list of exported books (title, author, publisher, year of publication).

Weight, number of seats, the price of things, the size of seats required to be filled.

How it works? Sequencing.

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